Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bike2Death: An Introduction

During the tail end of the deathly hot Tucson AZ summer, 3 newbies decided to get bikes.  These 3 childhood friends, all former rollerbladers and skaters hailing from the Safford area, knew nothing about bikes or mountain biking and just kept themselves to easy bike path rides in the various state parks and communities around town.  Lame.  Enter yours truly.
You see, I've known these 3 for over four years.  And I myself has ALWAYS been an avid mtb rider since the age of 13.  Naturally, I was excited that they had an interest in riding and asked to come along with them.   When I showed up, I was shocked.  They told me they hadn't ridden dirt yet? What? These guys are party animal punk guys and they never had fun on dirt!  I had to change this, and immediately took them to an easy cheesy single track I knew about not far from the running path we just rode.  We arrive, they saddled up on their frankenstein craigslist hand-me-down rigs, and hit the dirt...everything changed.  The flow, the turns, the dust, the speed...they were hooked...their whole lives changed. 
I was already MTB addicted, with an Airborne Marauder AM rig already in my quiver, I had been ripping the trails of AZ for over 3 years since I moved here.  Getting my 3 good friends hooked was the best thing ever! It created our rowdy bunch of dirt worshippers.  With a few crashes and logistical mistakes along the way the Bike2Death crew was born.  (The name comes from that the 3 were literally gonna "bike to their death" if they kept riding black diamond trails on half broken klunkers.)
Since that fateful day, all the guys naturally upgraded to beefier real deal rigs, and have advanced their skills on the trail.  Now we're an up an coming force in the Tucson Mtb seen (youtube and website coming soon) with ten riders affiliated.  I myself was recently sponsored by Hayes Components Group, and hope to represent Airborne Bikes and spread the love for them this 2012.  Follow my blog for Bike2Death trail info and reviews, with product reviews from this years Sponsors!  Cheers, and ride hard!

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