Thursday, March 15, 2012

Introductions to the Crew and First Quarter Thoughts...

Now that the first quarter of 2012 is almost wrapping up, I thought I'd share a pseudo-recap of the few months past so far.
First off I would like to thanks again to two very special ) and Airborne Bikes.  These great companies have been instrumental in making the Bike2Death 2012 year AMAZING.  Without the help of their outstanding products and service, we never would have grown as fast as we did and for that they are owed HUGE props!  Thank you again!
Next I'd like to intruduce you to the B2D crew of miscriants I call brothers!

Jordan "Doc" Oldham (me)
Age: 29
Hometown: Reading, PA
Arsenal: Airborne Marauder AM (Hayes respec)
              Airborne Wingman DJ (also respecced)
              Rocky Mountain Flatline 3 DH
Co-Founder of B2D with the "Original 4", Jordan is also an engineer and commercial painter, working for the Wyndham Westward Look Resort in Tucson.  Jordan started riding and racing XC at the age of thirteen and continued up until he joined the Navy.  After his tour of service he moved from the eastcoast to Tucson to be with the love of his life.  Because of the drastic terrain changes from the loamy east coast trails.  He was compelled to up his game to more aggressive gravity/downhill riding and has never turned back since.  Jordan is creator and administrator of this blog and his favorite things are: new bike tech, haulin the mail, mexican food, classic hardcore punk rock and single malt scotch.  He is currently sponsored by Hayes Bicycle Group.

Martin "Martron" Attebury
Age: 27
Hometown: Safford, AZ
Arsenal: Dawes Roundhouse with Hayes upgrade pkge
Another of the "Original 4", Martin is our trail finding guru.  Feel like getting away from it all? He has the knack to find fun trails and great freeride locations.  He's also a blackbelt in iPhone photo capture.  More often than not, our best shots from a shoot come randomly from his iPhone.  Don't ask me how, they're just amazing.  Relatively new to mountain biking Martin started in extreme outdoor sports with freestyle rollerblading.  Once he took his first trail ride, the seed was planted and his MTB obsession grew, and grew, and GREW.  Now less than a year later, he's already at expert level trail and intermediate gravity skill level, and is only getting better and more comfortable...not bad for a blader!  He's also the best of us at guitar and the funniest...maybe. 

Richard "BJ" Knotts
Age: 25
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Arsenal: Gravity FS frame, Manitou/Answer respec
Don't have too much to say about our resident crash test dummy.  The 3rd of the "Original 4" BJ always has a balls to the wall mentality.  BJ is a key motivator in challenging my skills levels in riding because he's always willing to push it further and harder.  Just when I think I've done all I can, BJ is right there challenging the sesh and ultimately makes us grow better as riders.  Also new to MTB, BJ also comes from freestyle rollerblading roots which explains his constant need for adrenaline and to push the limits of every ride.  He too is addicted to the MTB crack that we all have been hooked on.  BJ is also currently transport captain for all of our trips and sesh locations.

Levi "The Dirty" Sanchez
Age: 28
Hometown: Safford, AZ
Arsenal:  Kona Stinky FR
                GT Avalanche 3.0
Literally the craziest, yet most generously friendly persons I ever met, Levi is the heartbeat that makes Bike2Death what it is.  The 4th of the "Original 4", Levi has the same passionate obsession that the whole crew has, but more over the top.  Think it's crazy to haul the mail on a gnarly DH run riding a $400 hardtail? Nonsense! Levi would have you chasing after him after you realize he left you in the dust down the hill.  Suicide by mtn bike? Maybe. Crazy MoFo? Probably.  Necessary? Absolutely!
Levi is currently on hiatus to spend the winter in Chicago.  We anxiously await his return in the coming month to shred with the crew again.

Christine "Kitty" Oldham
Age: 36
Hometown: Newport News, VA
Arsenal:  camera, photo editors, hot looks and pink hair
The "fifth man" on the team and my personal heart and soul, Kitty is my wife and soulmate.  An aspiring alt-model, Kitty also helps with the photo editing and online promotion of Bike2Death.  In the next coming weeks we'll be taking her in the field to get some live action experience with her photography on the trails.  She's also the keystone of the family and the house, making sure I'm good to ride and the rest of the Bike2Death fam is ready to rock!  She's also the best mom our little ripper, Ian could ask for!  We share this journey together and I can't wait for more.

In conclusion to this hodgepodge of random introduction and thought,  I'd just like to say that so far this year has been fantastic!  With brand new rigs to my arsenal and the B2D crew to back eachother up, the year could only get MORE epic!  As we grow as riders, it's only natural that the group and it's idealogy will grow too.  With my B2D brothers backing me up, the 2012 Bike2Death season will get bigger, faster, gnarlier, and generally better!  Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Ride Fast, Ride Hard, Bike2Death!

Take a minute to check out the pics of the crew below!

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