Friday, February 17, 2012

Airborne Marauder: Birth of the Phoenix Edition pt 1

As I mentioned before, I had been riding and killing it on the Airborne Marauder since 2010 and in September of 2011 my fave ride was stolen.  After a long month of searching in angry despair, I decided to let it go and focus my attention on getting a new Marauder and remodifying better than I had before.  So I got to work, researching sizes, specifications and resonable price to find the perfect setup...a setup to put all of my other builds to shame, one that symbolizes rebirth and strength.  Finally on the 1st of February, with the help of my sponsors cutting some cost, I had the means to order a new Marauder, order the spec parts, get to work on a project I dubbed the "Flight of the Phoenix" edition.  The name obviously is reminiscent of my stolen Marauder rising from the ashes, and being reborn stronger, faster, and lighter than ever.  My design idea inspiration comes from the Jet Blast blue paint that comes on the Marauder frame. That color always reminded me of the haze blue color that a few of the Navy's F4 Phantom fighter jets were painted on base that I've seen while I was in the Navy. Immediately the idea rolled in, make it lighter with the accents of black and gold like the Phantom fighters I remember.  This Airborne Marauder will be a lean, mean, trail crushing' machine...the Phoenix edition will rise very soon.  Below are pics of where we are so far: tear down and prep.

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