Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcoming the New Additions

Since September of last year, I had been in withdrawls. Withdrawls from riding my favorite rig in my arsenal, my Airborne Marauder.  "Why were you in withdrawls?", you ask.  I simply answer, "stolen", which usually sparks the same sympathetic reaction spawned from familiar experience.  It's an awful feeling having something that's a major part of your life being needlessly stripped away, we all can relate somehow. 
After about 2 months of searching, posting, calling, and searching some more, I decided to focus my energies on the new horizon, instead of mourning what likely will never be again.  So I started planning and saving, to bring back a new Maruader, better than before.  2012 symbolizes a new horizen in my life.  With two new sponsors this year (Hayes Components, ONiell\Azonic\Leatt) it's only proper that my flagship ride be the bike that has been with me on some of the best rides of my life! 
So with much planning and waiting (and some IRS blessings) I'm pleased to announce that my new Airborne Bikes Marauder has arrived and is as badass as it's ever been!  I also threw in a cherry new Airborne Wingman dirt jumper in as well, (Review for Wingman coming very soon).
So my house is complete again, balanced has returned to my chi, and I'm finally back in the saddle of my favorite steed.  Now, after some heavy test rides on her stock, my newest flagship ride can be modified for this years sponsored season...this Marauder will rise from the ashes, like a Phoenix reborn.  Stay tuned and check back in for full coverage of her metamorphosis!
The Airborne Marauder: Flight of the Phoenix edition will fly very soon!

Here are some pics from delivery day and some shots from the Marauder and Wingman's first rides

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